How do I get maximum fragrance from my candle?
Essential oils only fully release when the wax pool is fully liquid, so you must always burn a candle long enough to ensure the wax pool is liquefied all the way to the edge of the jar. This can take up to 3 hours with T&H Candles, so please be patient. You may not smell the fragrance until the wax is fully liquid. (Paraffin and soy/ paraffin blended candles burn much faster than 100% soy wax.)

To ensure a fast first burn, do NOT trim the wicks before the first burn! You will need long wicks and a big flame to ensure that the wax burns faster and is fully liquid to release those beautiful essential oil fragrances. Relax and enjoy!

What’s wrong with candles that use synthetic fragrances?
The jury is still out but remember that what you inhale is absorbed by your body. Every day your well-being is affected by the candles you choose. T&H uses essential oils derived from plants, flowers, fruits, and herbs. They are easily absorbed through the skin and can benefit the nerve and lymphatic system. Plant aromas have more to offer than just smelling good – they contain antiseptic and healing qualities as well. They may enhance or lift your mood and help keep the body and environment pure. Synthetic fragrances are petrochemical based and are usually very cheap, so more can be used to make a very powerful scent, which sometimes smells like soap or chemicals. Follow your nose and you will detect the difference!

Why is soy wax better than paraffin wax or soy/paraffin blends?
Soy wax burns more slowly and longer than paraffin wax and we have found that T&H Candles last up to twice as long as the big brand equivalents that are paraffin based or soy/paraffin blends. Soy is a natural vegetable made from soybeans whereas paraffin is a petrochemical. (Like gasoline) Soy is a renewable resource unlike paraffin which comes from petroleum refineries. Soy is non-toxic and contains nothing artificial. It will not produce black soot like paraffin, if burned correctly. Soy wax delivers a cleaner burn than paraffin wax and does not release toxins into the air. Some studies show that paraffin wax can release toxins. For health benefits and value for money, soy wax is a better choice than paraffin. If you’re not sure if your candle is pure soy or paraffin or soy/paraffin blend, you can test it by seeing how long it takes to liquefy. Soy wax candles take up to twice as long as paraffin candles to liquefy.

Why don’t T&H Candles have a strong scent?
It’s true that T&H Scented Candles are not overwhelming compared to some other brands. The reason is because our fragrances are made from all natural essential oils. When you smell a powerful scent in other candles, you may also smell a soapy or chemical fragrance. It smells unnatural, overpowering, and may cause headaches because cheap, synthetic chemicals are used to boost the scent. Some other brands boost their fragrances this way to give you a powerful and dominant scent at a low price. T&H prefers using milder, all natural fragrances for better health benefits.

What causes my candle to smoke and leave soot?
Candle soot is primarily due to flame and combustion disturbances. If the wick becomes too long, or an air current disturbs the flame’s teardrop shape, small amounts of unburned carbon particles (soot) will escape from the flame as a visible wisp of smoke. Any candle will soot if the flame is disturbed. To avoid this, always trim the wick to ¼ inch before every use and be sure to place candles away from drafts, vents, or air currents. If a candle continually flickers or smokes, it is not burning properly and should be extinguished. Allow the candle to cool, trim the wick, make sure the area is draft free, then re-light.

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T&H Candle Care Tips: 

  1. The first burn must be long enough to fully liquefy the wax to the edge. Do not extinguish the first burn until you have a fully liquid wax pool. (This may take up to 3 hours with T&H Candles). Allowing the wax to fully liquify to the edge of the jar can prevent candle tunneling, which shortens candle life.

  2. After your first burn, trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before each subsequent burn. (Longer wicks = faster burn!) For the 3 wick candles, ensure that each wick is even in length for even burning and longer life. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring. Remove any burnt wicks or debris in the wax pool.

  3. Ensure even burning for longer candle life. Do not burn in a drafty location or on an uneven surface. This too, will shorten burn times and candle life.

  4. Add a pinch of table salt to the liquid wax pool and mix it in with a toothpick. This will slow down burning speed.